Mandala Night Light


Drilling: Shaped Drill + Bright Drill + Mine Drill

Size: disc diameter 15cm, plastic frame thickness 3cm

Color box size: 16*16*4.5cm

Gram weight: about 180g / piece

Power: 2 AA batteries (need your own)

Switch: toggle switch

Hanging form: can be hung

Uses: parent-child games, bedroom decoration, holiday decorations, sleep night light, gift gifts


Kit display: Round paper canvas x1, plastic shell x1 (random color), small light string x1, plastic small shade x5, drill package x1, point drill pen x1, clay x1, point drill disc x1

PS: The canvas, the plastic shell, the small light string, and the lampshade need to be assembled by themselves, and then the corresponding points can be put up by hand;

2. Pay attention to the transparent film on the surface of the canvas. Do not pull it hard. It is easy to pull the string. You can lift a corner and divide the whole transparent film with scissors.